Saturday, December 17, 2011

Movida, Melbourne

Months ago now I was in Melbourne and had a few great meals - one of them being at MoVida which is one of the most highly 'rated' and popular joints in the city. I always love tapas and being a single diner it's the easiest way to eat.

Melbourne is really known for the laneways and awesome shops/restaurants which you can weave your way through. MoVida isn't as hidden away, but I love the way it's just on the corner and if you don't quite know where you're going the doors can be easily missed!

The menu offerings allow for different sharing styles with small and large plates, plus a dessert blackboard.

Because I'm a little lazy, I'll just post a whole lot of pics of the food I ate. Even looking at it now makes me salivate!
Breads - yes, that's just for one!
This was by far my favourite dish - garlic soup scallop. I could have had 5 of these at least! The consistency was fabulous and went well with the texture of the perfectly cooked scallop. A fantastic hearty starter given the cold weather when I was there!

So I'm a little forgetful and can't quite remember what this dish was (lamb of some sort?) but I still remember the succulently tender meat just melting in my mouth. Again, another hearty morsel.

This was one of the larger plates - truffled cured wagyu with a just-cooked egg. I love truffles but I think for a meal-for-one this was a little too much (yes, can't believe I just said that!). Tasty nonetheless!

But as everyone knows, I love dessert so I left some space for this awesome deconstructed cinnamon cake with apple sorbet. This was a perfect finish to the meal because I didn't feel like a really heavy dessert, but was dying for something sweet. This wasn't a spectacularly unique dish, but the sorbet and the cinnamon cake combination was amazingly homely and just-right.

Leading up to Christmas now, with all the social gatherings, I'm really looking forward to joining friends at more tapas joints. For those from Sydney, what is your favourite tapas restaurant?