Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#10: Miu Miu Metalasse (Blush) + YSL Arty

The tenth item I bought with my Shoe Subscription money was another of the Miu Miu Metalasse clutches, but this time in the uber versatile blush colour.

On the website it looked a much more...'pink' colour, but I actually love this more. It's a subtle muted kind of blush which will match perfectly with my nude Louboutin Simples.

Here's Princess Marie of Denmark elegantly wearing hers. I think hers might be more of a grey, but I thought it was interesting that she wore hers with an otherwise completely dark outfit (including black shoes).

I actually also ordered two YSL Arty Ovale rings but ended up only keeping one. When they arrived, I was really disappointed in the green colourway - I thought it wouldn't be as flat and one dimensional. Beautiful colour, but not as brilliant as I had hoped.

 Did I make the right decision to return the green colourway? Well if you remember in my last post, I've already worn the brown anyway and I <3 it!

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