Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#11: Burberry Trench + McQueen Skull Scarf

I have been extremely slack in not posting about my NAP purchases as soon as I bought them, but there was a few weeks when I was receiving 3 orders in one week and just couldn't keep up with photographing and blogging about it!

But never fear, a by-product of being on holidays is that I am now free to blog more! :)

Anyway, onto the goods - when the 30% off sale was on I jumped at the chance to order a Burberry trench. The only one they had available was the longer one (which isn't quite what I wanted, I wanted the cropped length), but this is such a classic and I got it at such a bargain of 300-ish pounds!

It falls just below the knee, which isn't really that long at least. And I quite like it with the sleeves pushed up. You can't really go wrong with a classic trench, can you? The pic below gives a better idea of the length.

When I was purchasing, it just so happened there wasn't much that tickled my fancy at the time so I tried to choose items which were classics and thus great value at 30% off. I feel like this second item (like the trench!) is another 'classic' which was an absolute steal at...160 pounds I think?

This is the cashmere square black on white colourway Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Plus every wardrobe needs more McQueen! This is a terrible pic below, but this shows how big it is - my sister is holding it straight up above her head and it falls just below her knees.

And a picture of it worn:

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