Thursday, October 31, 2013

Louboutin Patent Black Simple 100s

I had been looking for black patent Louboutin black patent simple 85s for the longest time, but they're perpetually out of stock online and in physical stores around the world (trust me, I've tried looking every country I visit!). When I randomly chanced upon my size at David Jones recently in 100s I just couldn't say no. And with a pile of vouchers to spend, these basically cost me nothing and were a welcomed present to myself :)

Welcoming to my shoe family, my holy grail shoe!

So perhaps I have too many black pairs of Louboutins that practically look identical? I am planning to sell one of the pairs...but for now I look like the crazy person obsessed with black.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

iHerb Haul #3

If you follow me on twitter you would know I made another iHerb order a month back which involved more Real Techniques brushes and a few other tidbits!

The Real Techniques brushes had previously been sold out so I thought I would snap them up now, despite there not being a 20% discount code or anything like last time.  I didn't really need them and so I probably shouldn't have bought them, but seeing as I'm lazy with cleaning my brushes I thought just rotating the use of my brushes was a good compromise. I may start using the powder brush more but I don't like it as much as the others I bought previously.

Anyway, my favourite of the lot is the infuser + lid glass tea cup which is fabulous! It was on super discount so it was only $7 from memory, and there is a glass infuser inbuilt which then sits perfectly within the teacup lid when you're done steeping your tea. I love it because I often want a single cup of tea and don't want to have to waste a whole pot, plus this goes in the dishwasher!

The erythritol is my sister's request - apparently its a replacement for sugar? She's all into her health foods!

Don't forget to check out iHerb and use the discount code RLN426 to get at least $5 off your order ($10 if you spend enough). 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chur Burger, Sydney

I had been dying to try Chur Burger for the longest time, and with their annoying open times (not open Monday nights, not open Sunday at all!) I kept on missing out. Anyway, I finally tried it this weekend and it was awesome!

I like the setup - casual dining with a cool vibe, you can walk in/walk out and its easy enough to get a table, even for larger groups of 6. The music is a little loud to be able to sit and have comfortable conversation over, but the menu more than makes up for that.

All burgers are $10 (how easy is that!) and they all sound delish. I went with a group of 4 and we all tried something different and none of us had a bad thing to say. I liked the chicken one I had which had a zesty mayo dressing (my friend commented that it looked like Big Mac sauce, but let me assure you it wasn't just any old sauce).

We also ordered a good range of sides with the coleslaw being a clear winner, as were the chips which had a cool chilli type salt on top!

Anyway, we didn't get to try any shakes or the desserts, though I am dying to try the smashed pav (I find it very difficult not to order anything with meringue when I see it on a menu) so I will be back for sure for when I need a quick and easy dinner that won't break the bank.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Georg Jensen Daisy Ring

Recently, I started a new job and as with all 'life' events and milestones I like to mark them with some kind of purchase or nice meal or some other special something. This time I happened to walk into Georg Jensen where they had select pieces from the acclaimed 'Daisy' collection on sale so I just couldn't help myself but add to my ring collection.

Isn't the packaging just so elegant?

I've always loved the Daisy collection, and its based on Queen Margrethe of Denmark's love for the Daisy (you'll often see her sporting some kind of Daisy motif jewellery item). This ring is delicate in that the black is actually all enamel embedded into fine sterling silver. The edges of each petal are actually small grooves so that the ring isn't just a circle, but actually with defined petals. It is really quite beautiful!

Unfortunately they had absolutely no stock in the country of the smaller sizes so I had to settle on one that fits my second finger, but I still quite like it! :) 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sydney, you are awesome

Because a picture tells a thousand words, here are some pics that resonate with my current 'I <3 Sydney' thoughts. One thing about travelling, and especially moving overseas for any period of time, is that it really makes you appreciate what you have at home in a city as beautiful as Sydney. Here are some favourite snaps from around beautiful Sydney over the past few months.

 Beautiful sunsets, and blue skies.

 Beach days each and every weekend

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Breathtaking, even with a dodgy iphone camera snap.

Mini Chambord bottle! Enjoying a drink at Stitch bar in the city. Yes, that bottle of Chambord (which my cocktail came in) is the same size as a short tumbler glass.

Spice Temple - a too often visited dining haunt for me.

Actually, I really should write a whole post on cocktails because I have so many iPhone photos of cocktails from all my small bar hopping adventures recently!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

QT, Sydney

You know I love reviewing great food, great venues and great hotels are no different! I stayed a night at QT Sydney, something I'd been dying to do since they opened sometime ago. Let me tell you, it was amazing!

The rooms aren't huge, but the attention to detail, decor, styling and vibe is just uber cool. I loved the cute furniture, and the ambience is made to feel like your home rather than a hotel room. Everything feels comfy, but highly stylish at the same time.

See, look at that uber comfy bed with the copious fluffy pillows! And the cute fur rug/blanket on top was a nice touch.

Now lets not forget a great selection for the mini bar - with cocktail shaker and martini glasses! Points for attention to detail.

Excuse the blurry photo, but did I mention that was only the start of the mini bar? The photo above just shows how many amenities and offerings they had in the room! I didn't even get the chance to check it all out but there were cute and useful notepads and novelty items. Plus a Nespresso machine for coffee lovers.

Just like Crown Metropol, one of my favourite hotels in Melbourne, the open bathroom scheme is in play here. Though that definitely is the new cool thing with hotel rooms which is of course partially because these smaller hotel rooms benefit from the airy open plan feel of such bathroom setups. Anyway, I still thought the lighting/display was a nice touch and added mood lighting. Can you see the bathtub behind?

And finally, a proper pic of the bathtub, complete with his and hers robes. Love!

Given it is a boutique hotel, it actually isn't as expensive as other high end chain hotels in Sydney so if you get the chance to book it at a discount, I would definitely recommend it!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So it took me a bit longer to get back to blogging than I originally planned, so I apologise! But I am back now, albeit a bit slowly at first because I want to ease my way back in. And is it just me, or the end of the year is always crazy for me!

Anyway, I took the hiatus because of a few things happening in my life, including being in the early months of a new job. I also was taking time to spend with some people near and dear to me as it seems all my friends are leaving me to move overseas! Every week I hear of a new 'farewell' - I think I'm at that age where all my friends are at crossroads and making huge life decisions like moving across the other side of the world.

As some of you might recall also, I only just returned from holiday in July this year, however due to a certain turn of events and circumstances, I took the plunge and booked an impromptu trip to the US over Christmas and New Years! So I'll be busy organising that, but hopefully also means I'll have more fun things to post about!

So with that, I've also been enjoying myself a lot these last few weeks so I hope to post all about the things I've been up to as soon as I can :)