Monday, November 28, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier + Lady Gaga

When I was in school studying fashion as one of my elective subjects, I was always drawn to Jean Paul Gaultier as a designer. For years I would always exclaim he was my favourite fashion designer and I probably still stick to this if I am really to think about it from the design perspective. Of course my own personal style is different and I have lots of other favourite designers now to add to the list.

Anyway, I was home sick form work the other day and it's the one time I get to switch on the TV and channel surf to see what's on. I came across an hour-long documentary style interview of Lady Gaga by none other than Mr Gaultier himself!

It was fabulous, you all must watch it if you get the chance. I loved the specially built 'set' with it's stark white walls which served as a perfect backdrop for Lady Gaga's dramatic outfit. I really admire Lady Gaga as an artist and the boundaries she pushes: for several months there were 5 tracks from her album which I would play on repeat. Combining these two fabulous stars in one documentary was awesome!

Here's a preview from youtube:

And I took some pics with my phone too! :)

Who are your favourite fashion designers?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

#9: Miu Miu Metalasse (Black)

I have been naughty and accumulating a whole lot of NAP orders which I haven't had a chance to post about! Of course there are all the items I bought at 30% off, but here's one I had been dying to buy just waiting until I decided if I really needed another it.

What is it? Miu Miu Metalasse black clutch of course!!!

So I had never seen one in real life, but then I was lucky when I was walking past the Melbourne store that they had one in stock! The beautiful leather and roominess was enough to sell it to me.

Isn't it beautiful! I can't wait to use it (I have an outfit planned for next week so hopefully it works!) and I just know it will be able to fit the all important essentials to me: phone, money, camera, Dior gloss.

I'm not usually a gold hardware person but black and gold just looks so classic.

In the same order I actually ordered these McQ half-gloves too which I thought would look amazing on.

They looked so good on the model however I don't think I have the right sized hands because even the smallest size looked a little 'off'. So off they went back to NAP (I love how easy it is to send stuff back) and my hunt for fashion gloves continues. I'm actually a little bummed that I didn't get an amazing studded Burberry pair on sale at the beginning of the year.

Does anyone have any suggestions for cute fashion gloves?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning + Ikea!

Seeing as it's almost Summer, I thought it was about time I got onto my long overdue spring cleaning chores. But of course I couldn't do any of that without first making a trip to the new IKEA at Tempe!

I love Ikea (I mean, who doesn't), but it used to be a headache to go to on weekends with minimal parking and just general overcrowding. The new store is apparently the largest in Southern Hemisphere and it definitely didn't disappoint.

Look at this elegant 'bridal table' inspired table setting. Cheap doesn't have to mean ugly or crappy!

And here's a random pic I took of this child's toy kitchen set. Isn't it awesome? There weren't such cool varieties available when I was a child! This isn't even the full set - there's an above the head microwave cupboard thing too.

So what did I buy? This awesomely cheap plastic make up organiser was $20! Similar things are at least double the price at other stores, though I may have been able to get something a little better from ebay or similar. But for the price, a girl can't complain right?

I should have taken a 'before' photo, but here's the organiser in use. Pretty good for a 20 minute job on a Sunday afternoon!

The section on the right where the brushes are sticking out actually has a hinge so that can swivel up and down to access my make up palettes underneath.

Has anyone else seen other clever make up storage organisers like this?

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I couldn't help but drool over this email I received from Daniel Boulud's epicerie and restaurant...

Thanksgiving dinner all organised and served, I mean what more could you want? Not to mention it's by one of New York's most famous and esteemed chefs! Too bad I'm not in New York or even in the US to celebrate Thanksgiving, but if I was I totally would love to order this. Some right remember my post about going to Daniel restaurant during my NYC visit and the food definitely lived up to the standards expected, so $395 for a feast for 8-10 almost seems a bargain given the quality!

Everything just looks so tasty (yes, even the mash potato!). Happy Thanksgiving in advance to all those who celebrate it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping Time!

I wish I could explain how excited I was last night when I received this email from

Unfortunately it's not on everything, but I've been madly on the hunt for things to buy! I'm a bit bummed that the last 3 items I bought are now eligible for the 30% (I could have bought an extra pair of shoes with the savings!) but I'm making myself feel better by saying I maybe wouldn't have been offerred the discount had I not made so many purchases in the last month =) Plus I never really knew they did these kinds of % off sales squee!

I even spent several hours shopping last night when I should have been sleeping after a long day at work!

Any suggestions for what I should buy on

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Shopping

I've had a tough couple of weeks (which explains my lack of posting too...sorry!) so today the weather was blissful and I thought, what better way to spend a Saturday but go shopping.

Now I'm the last person who needs shoes but when I saw the following on sale I couldn't help myself.

And because I love to share, here are some pics of the two pairs of Bally shoes!
Razia Black Patent peeptoe pumps
I don't have a pair of plain black patent pumps and I hardly have any peeptoe shoes so this will be a good addition to the wardrobe. The ankle strap is a cute feature but I love that shoes can be worn without the strap and that's how I'll probably wear them the most. They look super high but they're fabulously comfortable so I can see myself wearing these to work and nights out as well.

I love the gold detailing at the peeptoe too!

And for the second pair - an easy to wear pair of hot pink sandals. Just in time for the Australian Summer, don't you think?

And I love the attention to detail on both pairs - the buckles have 'Bally' written on them.

Both are so practical and wearable I just know I'll get loads of wear out of them so it makes it all the better, right?

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Some might remember a few weeks back I was in Melbourne for work but in my crazy state I haven't had a chance to post any pics (of which I have quite a few actually).

It was my first visit to Melbourne in some 3 years so I thought it would be worth heading down a day early to spend a beautiful Sunday just traipsing around the city. It was actually really lovely to spend a day alone going at my own pace and being able to be spontaneous. I think that's how you should spend time in Melbourne, though there were some things (eating mainly!) that I would have loved to have more time and good friends to join me in experiencing.

I stayed at the Crown Metropol which is one of the newer hotels within the expansive Crown complex. It's really quite a luxurious place and after long days at work I was really thankful to be able to enjoy the modern touches they had on offer.
Pretty bathroom looking out to the room

I learned to love this settee - it was as comfortable as it was beautiful and I really wished I could sit there for afternoons on end reading a fabulous book. Instead I settled for some girly magazines compliments of the hotel (!) as they had 5-6 magazines sitting on the bedside table which were constantly getting refreshed.

And look how awesome the pool is - it's very oriental inspired, almost felt like an Asian Day Spa - too bad I was busy working so didn't have time to go and enjoy it!

When you swim it's basically looking over the whole of Melbourne like an infinity pool.

As much as people say Melbourne is a shopping capital - and, yes, there is some great shopping - I was quickly bored of it so decided to see the Tutankhamen exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.
Gardens leading up to Melbourne Museum
Unfortunately no photos in the exhibition, but it was a good way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon. I can't say I was hugely impressed with it, I mean it was lovely to see the history and artefacts, but I was for some reason expecting much more from it. 

And finally for a random pic - apparently they were filming Amazing Race at the Crown on my last day there, hence explaining the 10+ identical looking BMWs parked out the front.

When I get the chance I'll post some food pics since, of course, I tried my best to eat my way through some of Melbourne's best restaurants :)

Fashion & Art

“Fashion is what seems beautiful now but 

looks ugly later; art can be ugly at first but it 

becomes beautiful later.”

                          - Steve Jobs

Isn't this quote just beautiful? It was relayed in the eulogy written by Jobs' sister Mona Simpson at his private memorial.

I like to think aspects of Fashion is like Art, though. Hopefully in years to come we will all see the present fashion as still beautiful!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#8: Alexander McQueen De Manta

I've been a bit naughty lately and made a lot of NAP purchases...something about retail therapy, right? Anyway, I've been eyeing off Alexander McQueen's De Manta bag collection for some time. I saw the clutches and bags when I was in New York and loved them, but was always a little wary of how big they are. I'm quite short and petite so looking like I'm carrying the kitchen sink in a handbag is always a concern.

Anyway I bit the bullet and couldn't help myself when I saw the beautiful burgundy version pop up on NAP, I mean a girl always needs an overnight, oversized bag!

I'm going to try and take some better photos when I first use it, so apologies for dodgy photos for now. Actually I was in Melbourne when the box arrived so my sister and mum were prized with the task of opening it first!

Outfit wise, I'm still a little worried it's a bit too big, but I'm thinking it will be a really practical bag to use when I'm heading to dance class and need to bring all my clothes and shoes. It's a luscious colour and the leather is just buttery soft without being too limp and impractical.

Do you think a bag is ever 'too' big for someone?