Friday, December 30, 2011

Messina + Zumbo at the 'Star'

It has been ages since I've had a Messina or Zumbo fix, and so of course with the relatively new 'The Star' complex housing both, it is a dream come true! So I know The Star has been open for some time now but I always like to let the crowds settle down and the general teething problems get ironed out before going. I was in the city the other day though and it was a beautiful day to walk across the Pyrmont bridge to get my hands on some goodies.

First stop was Messina where I got my all time favourite flavour - passionfruit. When I first started going to the original Messina in Darlo (way back in...2009, I think!) I always used to get Tiramisu and Pavlova. In the last year or so though, I stick to what I love and always get Passionfruit.
On the odd occasion when I go with friends we will get the share plate and try other flavours though, and of course they're always exciting and tasty.

Next stop was the kitschy Zumbo concept store, which is really different to the Balmain store I usually go to.
Macarons on display

It really draws attention to itself with all the decorations and Willy Wonka inspired displays, which I think really helps add to the appeal of Zumbo's quirky delicacies.

Anyway, onto the important stuff - the sweet treats:
My must-have standard order of passionfruit tart - I could eat this everyday it is so good! Are you seeing a trend in the flavours I like?

Boxes of Macarons yum! 
Macaron flavours - from top, left to right - Cola, Salted Caramel, Mojito and Passionfruit Tonka.

A terrible close up of the Cola flavoured macaron which was nice and zingy!

On that note, I cannot wait until my Paris trip next year to get my hands on my all time favourite macarons - Pierre Herme. I've been having cravings for months then my friend in NYC showed me pics of some Pierre Herme goodies she got given from London and now I'm craving it even more!

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  1. Zumbo @ The Star looks wonderful! I meant to go before I headed home for the holidays but the end of 2011 was a bit too crazy for me! Will have to make time to go now that I've seen these tempting photos!