Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holiday dreaming-no-more!

So in just a few weeks I'll be visiting San Francisco and New York City to visit some really good friends and I am beyond excited! I have been to both places before but there are just so many things to do and see that I"ll always keep myself occupied. Plus I'm looking forward to some rest after a few months of hard work (it's the first time I'll have off since getting here).

Anyway, I've been watching Million Dollar Listing New York which is all about fabulous NYC real estate and it's helping to get me more excited!

There are some amazing properties there (anyone fancy a $15 million loft overlooking Central Park? yes, please!) but this one made me think quintessential New Yorker! This lady is a socialite who has clothing and shoes everywhere! Over 800 pairs of designer shoes, Chanel boucle jackets she's never worn and bags galore! Look how packed it is =o

And it is fingerprint security operated...

But then here is an amazing Soho loft... a girl can dream!

What are your favourite places to see, eat at, visit in San Fran and NYC? :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

J Crew shipping to Australia!

So I know this has been announced for almost a week now but I am so excited about J Crew shipping to Australia now! I have loved being able to pop into the store in person here in the US - in fact there aren't many stores around but one happens to be just 15 minutes drive away from me!

I just love everything about their new Spring collection which just dropped in stores - the cute jelly flats, the awesome pastel colours, amazing 50s inspired skirts, just so much beautiful stock!

Here are some cute pics from the website:

I especially love the two skirt outfits - the fuchsia is awesome! I'm sad I can't see the jelly flats online but I suspect they may be sold out already (things in chain stores here sell out literally in days!)

It really is about time Australia gets included by more online shops!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DC Monuments & Museums - Part I

Washington DC is full of so many amazing sights, museums and monuments and I've been fortunate enough to visit a lot of them while here in the US. Of course I have taken lots of photos along the way and with the Cherry Blossoms blooming at the moment I thought I would post some of my favourite sites around the place.

DC has the most amazing museums thanks to the Smithsonian Institute which runs a whole host of different museums. The Smithsonian castle is one of their visitor centres and it has a beautiful garden. If I had more time, I would just sit there all day reading a book or on my ipad. Amazing! The blooms there are so beautiful too.

Smithsonian castle in the background
Washington Monument with the faint sign of a jet trail behind. Amazing, right?

The next few are from WWII Memorial which has a beautiful grandness with all the wreaths and repeated motifs.

And probably one of the most famous - the Lincoln Memorial. It is amazing how large it is and even from quite far away you can see it as a foreboding presence on the skyline. All that marble, all that architectural perfection!

More photos to come!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The 'new' iPad!

So I ordered the new iPad the day it was released and it was meant to arrive tomorrow but instead it arrived on Saturday morning, 2 days early! So exciting :)

I've been so busy this weekend I haven't really had time to play with it, but it's nice to play with a new toy. Admittedly, I now have technology overload and so everytime a new email or facebook alert comes through I get alerted through triple alert on all my Apple products. Great if you love to stay connected (which I do), but also hard to keep up.

I am an Apple whore...
I love the resolution on the new iPad - the retina display is truly amazing and it's so awesome being able to see the same things I read/look up on my iPhone yet on a much bigger screen!

I still maintain my Air is far more versatile for the same thickness, it's just a little heavier and wider but at least it's a full computer! <3 Will report back soon once I get more used to my new toy :)
Macbook Air - Only a little thicker
Have you played with the new iPad and what do you love about it?

Saturday, March 10, 2012


So I do love me a good flash sale site - who doesn't love a discount, right? I have to admit there are so many around nowadays that I get a bit overwhelmed and just give up even looking half the time.

That said, something that isn't so common is a baby and children oriented flash sale site and one of my lovely friends has just launched one to help all those yummy mummies and mums-to-be!

Look at these adorable accessories - suspenders and cute socks :)

Check it out! Do you like to shop flash sale sites?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Urban Decay!

I already made a huge Urban Decay purchase a few months back when I ordered online for myself and another friend...

Urban Decay's famous UDPP has finally changed their packaging after years of complaints from loyal customers so they're selling the old packaged items at half price!

Plus I just got this email from them... 20% off for the rest of the week!!

Guess who's going to be buying more make-up...yes, me!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Life in Photos: February 2012

How quickly has time flown this year already? It's March and I've barely been able to blog because I've been so busy but here is a quick Life in Photos for February!

 Yummy steak from Gordon Biersch - it had a pretty delicious Japanese teriyaki inspired sauce.

I went walking around during the weekend where there was this street busker playing Mozart with his water glasses. He was amazing! He was so skilled in quickly moving around the different glasses and playing chords as well!

I officially love Pinkberry. So it's probably not all that healthy for you but considering it is frozen yoghurt but doesn't taste like it, it won me over completely! I don't really like the taste of yoghurt otherwise, but this chocolate and mango flavoured combo with strawberries and nuts was amazing!

At the Museum of Natural History they have the largest diamond ever found - the Hope Diamond. It is exquisite not only as a black diamond but in terms of its beauty across the 4 C's, though in real life it feels quite small!

Last weekend I also visited the Library of Congress which has the most amazing architecture. Look at the pics below!

Photos aren't allowed of the actual library area but even just the foyers and staircases leading there are so beautiful. I can imagine it as the perfect wedding location - not even New York Public Library (aka where Carrie and Big got 'married' in SATC movie) is as beautiful and that's saying a lot since I love it there!