Sunday, July 31, 2011

Royal Wedding: Zara Phillips'

So the pictures are out and the verdicts are already starting to stream in for Zara Phillips' wedding gown. I thought she looked beautiful - exactly how I expected in terms of a simple silhouette with not too much pomp or anything that made her stand out as a Princess Bride. She is after all the rebel royal and she always kept her title as 'Miss' and not 'Princess' so it seemed fitting that her wedding matched that with understated grace and glamour.Turns out I was wrong about the tiara - she did end up wearing one but it was less crown like and almost more like a encrusted headband/headpiece.
Loving the lighting in this photo!


So the all important details:
Dress: Stewart Parvin "The dress featured a chevron-pleated bodice, a dropped waist, and a "cathedral-length" train, and was designed to create a "bell-shaped" silhouette". Apparently made of silk faille and duchess satin.

I think I was kind of on track with the strapless prediction, but with floaty ethereal Grecian inspiration with the straps. The taffeta type weight of the duchess satin seemed to add the structure I was hinting at, but without too much volume.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo - yet to see close-ups so I'll comment on these later when I see more pics! I'm imagining a simple satin pump in any case.

Veil: Tulle cathedral length veil with a short blusher - simple, nothing too heavy and without any of the fancy lace embellishments you might expect of a Royal, but I thought this suited her too. She always seemed like more of a tom-boy so to have anything too complicated going on would overpower the simplicity of the outfit.

Tiara: Greek Key tiara - I thought it was quite pretty, nothing too over-the-top which was good. And the fact it matched the Greek heritage of her name seemed fitting.

Make-up: Bobbi Brown <3
So what can I say really but thumbs up from me (but perhaps I'm biased!). Relaxed, modern, simple chic. Perfect for any bride, and lovely for a Princess too!
You know what I love the best? That she's keeping her maiden name. There's something very modern about that and adds to why I think her and Princess Anne are amongst the most progressive, low-key and relatable of the Royals. Love!

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