Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shoe Collections + Storage

I was reading wwd and came across this article about Beth Shak (professional poker player) and her love for shoes, her 1200 pair shoe collection and her love for Louboutin (700 pairs and counting woah!). It piqued my interest and seemingly it's caught a lot of people's attention because it's everywhere including being reposted by Huffington Post and heaps of other sites.

She was also on the Today Show so I watched the video of her collection and it indeed is overflowing and beautiful. It got me thinking though, imagine having that many shoes. Surprise surprise, she hardly remembers buying half the shoes she has and often forgets about owning them. You would think she gets to the point where she buys shoes that are very similar to ones she already owns because she forgot she had them? Even I do that sometimes and I barely own 100 pairs!

Rest assured you need great shoe storage solutions to go with half a million dollars worth of shoes so here are some of my faves:

Mariah Carey - I know everyone talks about this all the time, but I remember way back as a teenager watching MTV Cribs and the episode where she showed everyone her apartment. Her shoe closet and even her whole closet is spectacular. Clean lines, just like an upmarket shop but without being too over the top and pretentious. Love it.

Sex and the City - again, a bit cliched, but what's not to love. Clean white as a blank canvas to showcase all your beautiful purchases. Who doesn't remember the satin blue Manolo Blahnik's Carrie popped up on that back shelf? It actually reminds me of the decor of a Dior boutique <3.
Sex and The City Movie
Dior boutique on Montaigne - lush
If you're lucky, you can spend $175,000 to have a replica built for you by Lydia Marks (SATC designer), as was infamously done by a New Yorker which also was all over the news.
SATC replica
 But for something designer that won't break the budget completely, I like this from Touched Interiors.

They have a whole array of different shoe cupboard/sideboards which are really elegant and don't look like shoe cupboards at first glance. Not exactly as dramatic and they won't store as many but I can definitely see them fitting the decor of most homes! And at £2000 and under, they almost seem like a bargain.

For now I'll be sticking to buying more shoes with that kind of money though ;)

Images thanks to wwd, instyle, racked ny, touched and

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