Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holiday Memories: Bahamas!

Probably one of the more 'exciting' parts of my holiday which I was looking forward to was cruising the Bahamas. I'd never been on a cruise before so thought a short 4 night cruise would be a good introduction and indeed it was! Having been to 20+ of the US states on my last visit I really wanted to make sure I saw something different on this trip and so it was decided the Caribbean was a must-do part of the holiday.

The Bahamas was beautiful as expected and even though we're spoilt here in Australia with crystal clear turquoise waters, there were still some beautiful beaches I went to in the Bahamas which surprised me with their breathtaking colours. This was definitely the 'relaxation' part of my holiday, since everything is included in the cruise holiday so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want to without worrying about handling cash and organising transport. It probably would've been nice to do this as the last part of my trip but overall I'm so glad I did it as I wouldn't otherwise have been able to see so much of the Bahamas in such a short time.

I could post hundreds of photos but here are some which pretty much tell the story of my time on the cruise.
Sunset on the cruise
The next two photos are from the private island we visited on one of the days - the beaches were spectacular and we went parasailing which was a fantastic experience. It wasn't at all as I expected - I thought it would be noisy and windy when up in the air but it's literally like peace and tranquility! You can hear every word of being spoken to you by the person tandem parasailing with you.

One of the days was spent at Freeport where we went Jeeping which was tonnes of fun! It meant we saw so much of the island and the tour guide was helpful in educating us about the history, nature, beaches and everything! Of course we stopped by the beach at the end too to cool off from the intense heat.

And what is a trip to the Bahamas without going to Atlantis? We actually purchased a pass to the Atlantis Resort beach but somehow managed to sneak our way into the Aqua Adventure themepark which was really cool!

So now I'm thinking I just have to make another trip to the Caribbean, but this time for a longer cruise :)

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