Sunday, July 10, 2011

Holiday Memories: Viva Las Vegas!

I thought I'd do a quick update about each of the places I visited on my whirlwind holiday to try and remember some of the highlights. Being away for just over 2 weeks (including all the travelling time!) it certainly was a very hectic holiday but of course some relaxation time as well.

My first stop was a short stint in Sin City! Being the start of Summer the heat was scorching, but that didn't stop me from walking up and down the Strip to take in all the fun and frivolity.

Here's a few of the highlights in photo form:

I stayed at the Palazzo because I love their luxurious rooms. I've stayed at the Venetian twice before in Asia and so thought Palazzo for something the same, but 'different' if that makes sense.
Beautiful driveway of the Bellagio
...which is also where I went to see Cirque du Soleil's underwater spectacular 'O'
'O' was indeed beautiful, but I didn't get that 'omg' experience that others seem to talk about. Perhaps expectations were high because of everyone's rave reviews? It's an amazing feat that it involves water and so much of it is wow-ing so I'm glad I went to see it but I had a different experience to many.

Cakes and pastries galore at Jean Phillipe

Beautiful Palazzo and Venetian pools
 Of course I spent a glorious afternoon basking in the sun and pool-hopping, I mean with a pool like that it's just too hard not to!

So that meant visiting Tao Beach, an offshoot of Vegas' famous Tao nightclub (which I happened to walk past on a Thursday night before opening and the crowds queuing were insane). Tao Beach is a pool + bar which is very sceney and cool, but I enjoyed chilling there with some asian inspired food and took a quick dip in their pool (albeit very small).

Now I hear you asking, what about the shopping? I'll do a seperate shopping post at the end, but I sure did take some time to shop during my 1.5 days in Vegas! I even made a handbag purchase, so keep an eye out for that ;) No shoes unfortunately, but at that point in my trip I was trying to be good!

I have a whole lot of pics on my iphone too so I might post those soon as well :)

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