Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holiday Memories: LA

Los Angeles seems to have a bad rep amongst tourists as being one of the more 'boring' US cities. I agree that it is hard to get round unless you have a car and it is indeed a laidback place, but I still found many things to keep me amused even factoring in that I didn't visit a single themepark or movie studio!

I stayed in a fantastic hotel which was having a special promotional deal, plus it was located right near a shopping centre! How convenient!
An unexpected room upgrade meant a spacious room overlooking the pool!
I'm a bit lame so I took a Hollywood Celebrity Homes tour. If I had been daring enough to drive in the US I could've hired a car and done it myself, but I liked being able to sit back, relax and take lots of photos!

Posh and Becks' long driveway
And of course a visit to Los Angeles is not complete without a trip down Rodeo Drive. It just so happened the weekend I was there was Fathers Day so they had their annual car show. Rodeo Drive was packed to the brim with dozens of beautiful luxury cars (vintage and new).

And we took a trip to Santa Monica Beach - it was a bit overcast that day but it was still nice to walk around and take in the sea breeze.

A visit to the Farmer's Market and Grove shopping centre were on order as well. Ate some tasty doughnuts at the Farmer's Market and we were blessed with beautiful weather on our visit so walking around the Grove was really lovely! Made some purchases too (at Crate & Barrel)!

Our two nights in LA were spent eating at two wonderful restaurants (keep an eye out for individual posts about them soon!) but nothing was more satisfying than a trip to In-n-out Burger for some burger and fries (animal style of course!).

Aaaand just because I'm uber lame and a huge fan of Lauren Conrad and The Hills, we took an obligatory trip past People's Revolution (and their house, the Teen Vogue offices and a few other locations too).

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