Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life in Photos: July

I've had an exciting few days involving lots of photo-taking so I thought I might share! I love taking photos, I'm always that person being snap happy in the background (it also means I manage to avoid photos very well which is a bonus!) but I love how they remind you of good times and great memories.

Anyway, I heard some great news yesterday and I enjoyed a nice girlie catch up over dinner at Rockpool Bar & Grill. We sat in the bar area which is the more casual part of Neil Perry's restaurant and of course had the Wagyu burger and the awesome desserts. Yum yum.
Wagyu burgers and fantastic drinks - love the bartenders at rp b&g
Creme Caramel

They're famous passionfruit pavlova (I love meringues!)

On the topic of food, anyone who knows me knows that I <3 ice-cream and we've been having these cute little mini waffle cones at home. So cute and so tasty!

And last but not least, a group of us at work decided to go on a bit of a gambling streak and each put in $10 to get a whole bunch of scratchies. We didn't win anything, but it sure was fun!

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