Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life in Photos: June/July

I've had a crazy week at work and Sydney weather has been nothing but torrential rains, freezing cold winds and generally hasn't been a nice place to be. Despite that though I had some good news in the last week - I passed the exam I sat just before I went travelling! Besides the relief of passing it also signifies the end of studying for me which is a huge relief.

To celebrate I'm going to be buying myself something in the near future so stay tuned! ;) In the meantime, here are some iphone snaps over the last month. I actually have a tonne from the US but I'll upload those at some other time.
Sydney Harbour Bridge view from Opera Kitchen
The photo above was actually taken on a freezing cold weekend - my first weekend home after my trip. I was taking some non-Sydney siders to the Opera House so of course we stopped by Opera Kitchen for a quick bite to eat. Even in the cold of Winter it's absolutely lovely sitting under heaters and basking in the sun while taking in the breathtaking view.

OK so I've snuck in a photo from the US - this was the last thing I ate while there. We were rushing to JFK airport and picked up take-away from Counter Burger on the way - this was yummo even though it was cold!
And in celebration of my exam results - this is just some of the stack of books I had for that exam. Yikes right? I've started binning a whole lot and it's very satisfying!

In other news, I haven't done a "What I Wore" post in a while but I thought I would say that I wore to work yesterday my Marcs dress + Louboutin decollete ensemble as mentioned in this post here and I had one of the French girls at work ask me where I got my shoes from! Whenever someone asks me that, I can never work out how I should respond. Do they want to know the brand of the shoe, or physically where I bought them from? I always seem to answer the latter so I answered that they were purchased online from the UK and she responded that she had a feeling I would say they weren't from Australia! I didn't have the heart to tell her they were indeed French...

What would you say if you found yourself in that position?

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