Saturday, May 21, 2011

WIW: Shoe of the day

I've been a bit lazy with posting snapshots of things I've been wearing, partly because it's been freezing cold here in Sydney and I've been staying in a lot but also because on the shoe front I've been wearing my decollete's to death!

They've become my basic black pump work shoe and despite the steep arch and angled toe box, I've become really used to wearing them! I sanctioned myself a 'Louboutin-free' day last week so I decided to wear these flats instead on a day I was doing a fair bit of walking/running around:
Ferragamo 'Varina' bow flats
But you know what? They're still fairly new and were more uncomfortable than 10cm heels! Insane!

So I was straight back to the decollete's the next day. But today I decided to wear an oldie but a goodie - a classic black block heel with a twist. A friend at work remarked "Oh the chunky heel are back in fashion are they?" I don't really mind either way, in-fashion or not they're insanely comfortable and in my opinion a classic mary-jane never goes out of style!
Bally 'Iliane' mary janes (excuse the bad photo - my computer won't let me rotate it!)
Here's a photo wearing my decollete's - I was shopping at Marcs and ended up buying the plain but practical-for-work LBD that I was trying on in this photo (almost 50% off too!)


  1. Beautiful dress! Love the decolletes!

  2. Love those Ferragamos - I had them too but they were SO uncomfortable I ended up selling them :(

    1. Oh I'm sad to hear that :( Maybe one day they will make them in a slightly different cut and they will be more comfortable!

  3. I'm so glad i stumbled across your blog via VF as I was wanting a pair of Ferragamos flats. To hear they are uncomfortable has definitely put me off them - my wallet says thanks!