Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taronga Zoo

When I was on holidays I went to Taronga Zoo - my first trip in decades I'd say. It was a beautiful day weather wise but of course that also meant half of the school holiday crowd was out in force.

Never mind, we had a great day prancing around like kids getting excited about cute animals doing their thing. A wonderful friend of mine works at the Zoo so we got discount tix and she explained the best route around the place. It was truly a great day out. Here are some pics :)

The ferry ride was awesome too - the beauty of Sydney harbour never ceases to amaze me!

First stop - the baby elephants

We also took some time to see the seal show which is apparently a must-do and ridiculously popular. The queue was INSANE 45 mins prior so we joined it, and managed to get a good seat about halfway up. Look how cute the seal is :)

Then the giraffes - I love the giraffes, they look so awkward but simultaneously cute and elegant at the same time.

We also went to the bird show which has to have the most spectacular backdrop. The sun was beating down on us but then once in a while you would respite from the breeze. I have to say I thought the seal show was better, but only because birds aren't 'cute' like seals are.

What's a trip to the zoo without a look at the koalas, right? They were being a little boring and not getting out on the branches where we could see them as well but they were still quite adorable.

Annnnd I love this photo on the ferry ride on the way home of Sydney's other most famous icon:

When was the last time you went to the zoo? I really want to go again!


  1. Gosh the last time I went to the zoo was in grade 6 at school we went there on a school camp hahaha!! Surprised I can even remember that! I love the giraffes aswell!! Xx

    1. Wow you have a good memory! I can't even remember the last time I went to the zoo but I'm more than sure I must have been in primary school too!

  2. Oh how fun, you have inspired me to pay a visit to the zoo.

    I love Seals, how cute are they?

    I saw giraffes in the wild when I was in South Africa last year and it was amazing.

    1. Giraffes in the wild would be amazing! You'd feel like you were in their habitat and just peering in, right?

  3. I really need to visit Toronga zoo! I've been in Sydney for three years and still haven't been! I love giraffes - they're so pretty (well, they have pretty eyes!) Does Toronga have meer cats? They were always my highlight at Melbourne - along with the gorillas!

    1. They DO have meercats and they're always my favourite too! They're uber cute! But they were sleeping/drowsy when I was there =(