Friday, February 22, 2013

#19: YSL Haul

After 2 years, I finally used the last of my net-a-porter Shoe Subscription credit by snapping up some YSL before a) the sales ended and b) it all gets rebranded!

Thanks to a whole lot of internet discussion about it I heard about the Arty rings being 50% off so got myself two:

I ended up sending back the gold one because being one block colour, it didn't have that Arty glass appeal.

I also got these sunglasses because quite frankly, after 10 years of wearing the same pair of Ferragamo sunglasses I need a change. Yes, you heard right, 10 years! I've been wearing my favourite trusty sunglasses forever because they're perfect and despite having a Chanel pair I bought a few years back, I still always go back to the Ferragamos. Not anymore, my friends. These YSLs are the perfect mix of classic and simple with a bit of an edgy street style to them. I quite like them! I think they will go to Europe with me in a few months time :)

Aaand just for fun I added in this Karl jacket because it was really cheap (70% off!). I have one of his other blazers and the cut is amazing for the price, so I thought I'd take the gamble on this. Its not the best black blazer I have in my wardrobe, but a girl can never have too many :)

You'll see in the pic of the aqua ring there's a YSL shoe box snuck in - my sister happened to also have her new pair of YSL shoes arrive on the same day I got my NAP delivery!


  1. Yay you got the Arty ring!! Shame about the gold one though I completely understand where you're coming from. Love the blazer as well :)

  2. OMG i wished that i got that gold one now.
    Awwww so pretty.

  3. I bought the gold YSL one too during the sales! I also didnt fancy the gold ( too much gold!) and ended exchanging it for one that was not on sale.