Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gelato Messina - Pavlova

I've been visiting Messina for years now (I like to say, long before Sydney jumped onto the bandwagon) and have my regular favourite flavours. In fact, my house is rarely without a tub of their gelato! Anyway, sometime in October I happened to wander past and thought "No, I don't need dessert" but when I saw Pavlova on the specials I just had to try it. It was fate because not only did I have the final scoop of the day, but this week I found out it was in fact the only day they ever served it.

Fast forward the next few months and I'd been trying to see if it would return to the specials. A friend of mine even visited their factory and it was told that it would indeed return! I had been told the same from the sales staff at the various outlets but when it hadn't returned for months I wasn't too thrilled.

Of course my clever friend hypothesised that it would return for Australia Day, so as soon as they opened I called them and indeed they had pavlova on the specials!!! I follow them on Twitter too and of course a few hours later they announced it which elicited many a comment! As soon as I hung up on the phone I drove straight away to Darlinghurst to get myself the biggest tub available - 1.5L - which I still try and explain to people is GREAT value because of how many serves you get out of it.

They told me that it would only be available for a on the last day I couldn't help myself and got another tub. So now my house has 3L, less what we've eaten (maybe around 750ml?).

I got there on the first day just half an hour after opening and they were already replacing the first tub of it - see, its empty!

Now I know I am probably the only one who loves this flavour so much - in reality it probably isn't the most unique or most awesome Messina flavour ever but its definitely one of my favourites because I love Pavlova and this saves me from having to make a whole pav just to get my fix. The vanilla bean ice cream is fab, and with the drizzle of passionfruit and baked meringue chunks its to die for. Perhaps a part of me had hyped it up because I had waited for it so long, but never mind, its still a great gelato!

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  1. Messina come up with some amazing flavot I had so much dessert in my fridge that I had I still had a giant tub of other flavours in my fridge so I thought I'd give it a miss. I loved their lychee martini a few weeks ago. And anything with peanut butter. Love.