Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sydney Food Pics

Why is it that everything in life seems to happen all at once? That's my life at the moment so I haven't had time to catch up with posting some of the things that have been happening.

In fact, today's post is courtesy of all the food I ate during the Christmas/New Years holiday! I had all these pics of great food but not enough for each to be an individual post so here you go, take a trip with me on some of my food adventures :)

The Mexican
I was sad to hear that District Dining was closing, but in its place has popped up a new Mexican restaurant. Mexican is so the new 'it' food of the last few years. What Thai and Japanese was a few years back. Anyway, I have to say it was great food, great vibe with punchy flavours and not too expensive. Definitely a cool place to hang out and socialise in a casual setting with great food, which is so reminiscent of District Dining too.
This is the fish taco from memory which they claimed was very very spicy, but it really wasn't. Perfect amount of spice actually!

Brasserie Bread
This was a pretty good prosciutto toastie - goes to show what you can do with a few simple fresh ingredients.

Danny's Seafood Restaurant
I wouldn't normally dine there but because of a voucher we had we were able to get this whole seafood platter for half price! I have to say it was pretty well done and for the price it was a sizeable serving.

Cafe Ish Milk Bar
Cafe ish closed their old cafe in Surry Hills to re-open as a Milk Bar in another part of the city. They still had their signature soft shell crab omelette however their new famed dishes are their shakes and burgers. They let you pick and choose what you want in terms of topping and there's cool asian inspired toppings too.
This was the 'must try' (apparently) PB&J shake. I wasn't a huge fan (too sweet because of the peanut butter) but I can see why people who love the flavour combination would love this.

High Tea at Victoria Room Tea Salon
I'd been meaning to go to the Tea Salon by Victoria Room at Westfield Sydney since forever. Finally made it there and sat there literally until they kicked us out! I have to say it wasn't as impressive (food wise) as I had hoped - the scones were a bit dry but it may have been because it was the public holiday time and food may have been a little old.

Now I'm hungry again....


  1. So hungry now. Particularly for fish tacos.

  2. OMG look at that seafood platter!
    That's my weakness seriously.