Monday, December 17, 2012

Sony + Visa Entertainment Competition

I've 'officially' finished work for 2012 as my workplace has Christmas Shutdown where they force us to take leave over this quieter season. Well, turns out I actually have quite a bit of work to do so I'll probably still work a bit prior to Christmas however as I am technically 'on leave' I'll try and post more often! I realised I have such a backlog of things I've been to, places I've eaten at, cool things I've seen that I want to post about so I'll try my best to do that over the next few weeks.

Anyway, the most exciting news for me last week was that I'd won a competition with Visa Entertainment! The comp was related to the release of Skyfall and so I apparently wrote something worthwhile in my 25 words or less entry because I won a Sony Gadget bundle!

To my delight, it arrived on Friday...

It's the brand new Sony Xperia S Tablet (16GB) and the Sony DSC-HX30V camera! Now as I've already posted, I've been naughty this year and purchased more cameras than I can use (including my first Sony camera - the NEX 6!) so I'll probably pass this onto a family member but it's still nice to get a surprise and competition winning once in a while!

Also on a random note, this is my blogs 200th post woot! I think it is quite fitting that my blog has come full circle with another competition winning, seeing as I started the blog originally to document my net-a-porter competition winning :)

Aaaand I've also just edited this post to add - I've just hit over the 50,000 views mark! =o I didn't think it would happen so soon!


  1. Wow great prize!! You have amazing luck when it comes to competitions ;)

    1. Thank you! I wish I was more lucky with lotto winnings and things, but competitions are nice too - as they say you have to be in it to win it ;)

  2. Oh lucky you!!! Now I need to know about the net-a-porter comp also!

    I never win anything :-(