Friday, December 21, 2012

DSLR Gear No Idea Campaign

As someone who has purposely not bought a DSLR, I absolutely love this campaign and this video especially. And as NEX owner, I love it even more!

You see, for the amount I've spent on cameras this year, I easily could have bought two basic DSLRs. Why didn't I? For a number of reasons. One definitely being size, weight and portability factor which is why I've gone high end premium point and shoot and now mirrorless. The main reason however, is I absolutely loathe people who buy DSLRs and don't even know how to use them! Sure you get great quality pics because you're using a high quality camera with great sensors, but that is only half the story. People would probably call me an enthusiast photographer but I by no means purport to think I'm some expert. What I've purposely done in avoiding buying a DSLR is bought cameras with the functionality of a DSLR so that I can learn to fully operate and make the most of those features before I even consider going the DSLR route.

I am proud to say I can at least use simple functions like adjust aperture appropriately to get the depth of field I want, as well as fiddle with shutter speeds, exposures and white balance (this is my favourite!) so I feel I have the right to shake my head at those people in this video!

Anyway I'll get off my soapbox, but here's some more video viewing :)


  1. You know what annoys me more than people with DSLRs who don't know how to use them? People who don't know how to use them AND use them in inappropriate situations.

    Like in the library. During preschool storytime. With the flash. In my face. Ugh.