Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pre-summer tan

It's already been over a week since I returned from Bali and I think my tan is already quickly fading which is quite disappointing! The weekend only had nice weather on Saturday as well which was disappointing, because Sunday was the only day I had time to go and frolic in the sun at the beach =(

This was my tan two days after getting home - excuse the bad mirror pictures!

One of my work christmas parties is on Friday so I'll have some photos of how my tan has progressed since then...

I have to say, I quite like this pre summer tan business, it means that I feel better about going out in my summer dresses with a bit of colour to me!


  1. Totally agree! I am now addicted to fake tanning as it makes me feel so much better about baring my normally pale white legs and arms! lol x

    1. Fake tanning at least is the healthier/safer option! I really need to fake tan instead of baking myself. But I love the happy feeling I get frolicing in the sun!