Friday, December 7, 2012

Shopbop purchase!

So two weeks back was obviously Thanksgiving, and so with the Black Friday sales all being online I scoured my favourite summary lists of all the best sites and started the big shop! Conveniently, the sales all started when I was having my day off as I was flying to Bali that afternoon, so I spent my morning website hopping.

Conveniently, I found one of my bargains from getting the Best Buy email newsletter, so I snapped up 48GB worth of SDHC Memory cards for my camera for just US$30. My friend from the US is going to bring them back for me when she comes home in December.

But onto the main event - my shopbop purchase! They had a tiered % off sale depending on how much you spent, so I bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs Globetrotter Sloane Ranger Satchel bag for US$270. It was originally $420, then further reduced, and then I was able to take 20% off so it worked out a pretty good price for what is a classic, black bag. Most of the time I find with these sites the odd colours and seasonal styles are on sale and often you get tempted to buying items you won't even use!
So the bag itself isn't beautiful, but I bought it just as a practical everyday work bag because my old black bags are getting overused and dying. Some of you might remember I've been on the lookout for my holy grail perfect black bag and besides the Chanel diamond stitched tote which I would by in an instant if it was still available, I haven't been able to find anything remotely close to perfect.

The bag is a lot smaller than I expected - the bag itself is the size of an A4 piece of paper, but that means it can't properly fit a piece of paper. That said, it makes it really easy to carry and quite practical as it is still roomy enough for a pair of shoes and water bottle which are vitals in my life! I got lazy so only took a few pics...
Roomy interior!
I love the compartments on this bag - they're exactly how I like my bags. Three on the inside, then one on the outside! And how cute is the luggage tag zip?

I actually preferred the Calamity bag in the same collection, if only because the shape was more elegant and 'pretty' but no site had it on sale and from the pics it looks a little too big to take out at night.  That is really important to me - I often find myself suddenly having to go for dinner/out after work and I don't want to look like I'm carrying my files with me all day!
Globetrotter Calamity Bag

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase and will report back once I start using it. Plus it was pretty awesome that I ordered it before my holiday and it arrived the day I got back!


  1. I think that looks like a great every day bag. I got the Too Hot to Handle Mini and LOVE it. Officially a MBMJ convert.

    1. Oh I've never seen the Mini version of that in real life - though its such a practical bag in the large size so I can imagine the mini would be uber cute and useful!