Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jimmy Choo shopping

A few weeks back I went to the Sydney Family & Friends Jimmy Choo sample sale, which was very similar to the one I previously went to in NYC (read about it here). The only difference was that the crowds were much more tame as this was not advertised but all through word of mouth.

Personally I found prices not to be as good as NYC, but items were all in ridiculously good condition with 95% of items coming in boxes and all pristine. Those items which had sign of wear or were press items were priced as such, however I found similar semi-scuffed Press items were also cheaper in the US.

Anyway, I was naughty and bought two pairs that weren't amazing but were very well priced and in my size. I'm a very common size so it can be hard to score, though on the plus size I am 'sample' size. This particular sale had only one of each item, and sizes ranged from 35 to 41 so not strictly in the traditional sense of sample sale. I worked out most shoes had been display stock before, hence not truly 'sample'.

The pair above may just be a boring low heel black court shoe, however its in suede with a croc patent kind of finish at the toe. They just look elegant and looked perfect with the sheer black hosiery I was wearing. I can definitely see these being easy to wear!

The next pair I bought are very Jimmy Choo and the perfect mix of fun with classic, due to the suede finish and the peeptoe front. The red isn't quite the favourite red I would usually wear but they're definitely a style that I can see myself wearing quite regularly with denim or to dress up a boring black dress.

Unfortunately they told me they probably won't be running this again anytime soon, but it was good to get my bargain shopping in now!


  1. Ooohhh very practical and wearable.. But erm the big question that I have is. How does one get invited to the friends' and family sale and erm can I be your friend? :)

    1. Funnily enough I didn't personally get invited but my friend told me about it. Next time its on I'll definitely let you know! Too bad I don't know about them happening in Melbourne :(

    2. That's all good. Mental note to find friends in Melbourne who buy lots of Choos. LOL