Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kardashians

So my sister got me onto watching Keeping up with the Kardashians after she downloaded it recently. I know I'm uber behind on the times and given The Hills is one of my favourite shows, most people usually found it pretty crazy that I had never watched the Kardashians until recently.

Anyway, there has of course been all that paparazzi craziness with Kim's wedding lately but I've been reading all the girls' blogs (including Kylie and Kendall's - I can't believe they're so young yet look so grown up) and following the fashion of Mason. My goodness is he the cutest little kid ever! And it makes it even better that he wears so much Ralph Lauren - so so adorable!

Is this not the cutest?

Plus on the topic of celebrity kids - I'm so happy for Beyonce who finally admitted to the press that she was pregnant. Of course the pregnancy rumours have been rife since even 18 months ago, but she looked absolutely beautiful and glowing on the VMA black carpet. Love MTV, love the reddy coral and love Beyonce!

Photos courtesy of the Kardashian and Jenners blogs and Justjared

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