Sunday, August 28, 2011

Macbook Sleeves

I've been on the lookout for funky slimline sleeves for my Macbook Air and it's been surprisingly difficult. We have limited supply of things in Australia at the best of times, so I really should have been less surprised that all I could find in JB Hifi, David Jones and the Apple Store was multitudes of iPad cases and ugly/expensive Macbook cases.

So the Apple store did have some nice cases which I would contemplate buying but at $70+ each, I knew I was better off searching the interwebs first. Ebay had lots of cheap things, but they were mostly also nasty looking. But I did however find some beautiful options...

Rib and Hull felt and leather sleeve U$67
This is by Rib & Hull, a Polish company that also sells on etsy. Isn't it just perfect? With the Macbook Air being so thin already, the one thing a laptop case must be is slimline and not heavy. This definitely ticks those boxes!
Pack and Smooch Hampshire Sleeve U$74
What about this one by Pack and Smooch? I love that it's still slim but has more storage pockets and comes in the cute light grey. It's a little more expensive, but again can be purchased online at etsy.

I'm yet to find anything else as beautiful, though I was hoping to spend less than $50 (these cost more once postage is included). Any other idea peeps?

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