Sunday, August 14, 2011

Topshop in Sydney

Big news for the week in Sydney was the announcement that Topshop would be opening proper stores in Australia - finally! In Sydney it will most likely replace the old Supre store in George St - what a relief I won't have to hear loud thud thud music and see fluoro slogan tees everytime I walk past!

To be honest, I've never previously been a huge fan of Topshop. I've found the prices to be a bit expensive in comparison to the other chain stores which tend to have more 'grown up' options. Even when visiting the UK, I found some cute things in Topshop but they were all casualwear which didn't quite match my style (and the prices weren't great considering the quality). Incu did stock their stuff for a while though at ridiculously expensive prices which was a bit unfortunate especially since I've been a longtime supporter of Incu.

Anyway, I thought I'd give them another chance and perused their website for some inspiration and to see what we might see in store when they finally open. I was indeed pleasantly surprised, let's just hope we get similar items! Some of the things I liked the most....

 Cream colour block dress (£55) and Black Chiffon Sleeve Panel Jacket (£65).

These items go to show that elegant, simple and classic pieces will always be in fashion even if bought at a chain store! Of course I don't know up close how good these look, but you can never go wrong with black, right? 
Cream Spot Shirt Dress (£30) - I love me a good shirtdress!
Raspberry patent ballet flats - French Sole
 Who doesn't love a good chain store + designer collaboration? I practically live in ballet flats and have them in all colours, mostly Bloch because my sister is obsessed - plus they remind me of my Ballet dancing days. These, however, are a great alternative too!

As they say, you get what you pay for but these are definitely cute options even if they aren't silks and fine fabrics!

Looking forward to more retail competition on our fine shores here in Australia :)

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