Monday, August 15, 2011

Oroton + Tommy Ton

I've been following the International shake-up of Australian brand Oroton in recent years, which has culminated most recently in Tommy Ton shooting their new campaign and before that their opening of boutiques in Singapore and nabbing Daria Werbowy as their campaign model. Though most of the current collection isn't my style, I'm really impressed with how they're taking the brand to an International level with these collaborations.

Now for a little story: when I was at school I would go along with my mum as she shopped at Oroton and look at all the beautiful things and wonder if I could ever buy them. Along the way I picked up some cute items, but then I landed a retail job with them and ended up working for the Orotongroup for many years. During that time I waited eagerly for catalogues to arrive into store and whenever I got the chance I would ask designer Ana Maria about all the new items. Of course my style (and budget!) changed through those years so admittedly I look more to the International designers for bag and accessory purchases but I can't forget my past so I'm still a bit of an Oroton girl. I'm still using some of the classic items I have even though they're 5-6 years old now!

Anyway, I actually really like what Tommy Ton has done with the campaign, which is made even better of course by the NYC backdrop. It's making me miss the city even more!

Loving the pink!
This bag is very YSL Muse esque but with a retro twist

Who doesn't love a few Swarovski crystals right?
I also love what they've done with Singapore bloggers - see their facebook page and their blog! As a blogger, you alway like to think you have influence in the fashion world, right?
Blogger Venetia
I liked the colour pop outfit Venetia wore plus I love the Raisa clutch she was toting, but perhaps I'm biased because it was the last item I bought there.

Are there any other Australian fashion International success stories you love?

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