Saturday, September 3, 2011

Miu Miu: The Perfect Bag

I've been a bit 'over' life and work at the moment so I decided to treat myself to a break at work and took a quick window shop at Westfield Sydney. Turns out 'quick' wasn't really the best way to describe it as I spent a good 20 minutes walking around the Miu Miu store looking at all things new and beautiful.

Recently I've been on a huge hunt for a new, perfect bag. I wanted something over the shoulder, big enough to fit in a decent amount of stuff (notebook, water bottle, cardigan, pair of flats) while also being transferrable from day to night. I also preferred it to have a zip enclosure but I've since been trying to be less strict about this requirement because I could not find anything. So this has changed to 'as long as it is secure'.

I also wanted a designer which was a bit different and a designer I hadn't previously bought much from. See I'm one of those people who finds something I love and will stick to it. Like I'll find a designer I absolutely adore and wear it to death.

You would not believe it, but I found the perfect bag at Miu Miu.

Behold, the beautiful Matelasse chain flap bag (of course I want it in black, because my practical brain won't let me do otherwise). It's perhaps not the most beautiful or stunning bag, but it ticks all the boxes and the chain strap is so so versatile. It can be worn long or short, and there is still the elegant coffer hardware at the front plus a spacious main compartment.

Look how big it is! This colour has the imperial purpleish lining, but in matte black calf nappa leather the interior is a stunning eye-popping red <3. Unbelievably beautiful.

Now the clincher? won't be stocking it. Why is it that I choose the most obscure of items that sell out so quickly and are hard to find?

Any other recommendations for a bag which ticks my criteria?

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