Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sydney, you are awesome

Because a picture tells a thousand words, here are some pics that resonate with my current 'I <3 Sydney' thoughts. One thing about travelling, and especially moving overseas for any period of time, is that it really makes you appreciate what you have at home in a city as beautiful as Sydney. Here are some favourite snaps from around beautiful Sydney over the past few months.

 Beautiful sunsets, and blue skies.

 Beach days each and every weekend

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Breathtaking, even with a dodgy iphone camera snap.

Mini Chambord bottle! Enjoying a drink at Stitch bar in the city. Yes, that bottle of Chambord (which my cocktail came in) is the same size as a short tumbler glass.

Spice Temple - a too often visited dining haunt for me.

Actually, I really should write a whole post on cocktails because I have so many iPhone photos of cocktails from all my small bar hopping adventures recently!

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  1. So true about learning to appreciate living in this amazing city when you've lived abroad.