Thursday, October 31, 2013

Louboutin Patent Black Simple 100s

I had been looking for black patent Louboutin black patent simple 85s for the longest time, but they're perpetually out of stock online and in physical stores around the world (trust me, I've tried looking every country I visit!). When I randomly chanced upon my size at David Jones recently in 100s I just couldn't say no. And with a pile of vouchers to spend, these basically cost me nothing and were a welcomed present to myself :)

Welcoming to my shoe family, my holy grail shoe!

So perhaps I have too many black pairs of Louboutins that practically look identical? I am planning to sell one of the pairs...but for now I look like the crazy person obsessed with black.


  1. Congrats on finding them!! 85s ARE difficult to find :)

    I absolutely adore the Corneilles - how do they size compared to Simple 100/Pigalle 100?


    1. Corneilles are pretty true to size with simples! But Pigalles you always have to go down at least a half size, so I suppose corneilles would be 1/2 to 1 size bigger? I'm not the best person to ask though as I have an oddly shaped foot so size very much depends on shoe shape :)

    2. Perfect, I go down half a size for piggies so should stick TTS for Corneilles. Thanks!!

      I have ridic wide feet so Loubis are torture. The things we do for fashion right?

  2. Wow that is a lot of black CL's hehe. Congrats on the purchase