Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So it took me a bit longer to get back to blogging than I originally planned, so I apologise! But I am back now, albeit a bit slowly at first because I want to ease my way back in. And is it just me, or the end of the year is always crazy for me!

Anyway, I took the hiatus because of a few things happening in my life, including being in the early months of a new job. I also was taking time to spend with some people near and dear to me as it seems all my friends are leaving me to move overseas! Every week I hear of a new 'farewell' - I think I'm at that age where all my friends are at crossroads and making huge life decisions like moving across the other side of the world.

As some of you might recall also, I only just returned from holiday in July this year, however due to a certain turn of events and circumstances, I took the plunge and booked an impromptu trip to the US over Christmas and New Years! So I'll be busy organising that, but hopefully also means I'll have more fun things to post about!

So with that, I've also been enjoying myself a lot these last few weeks so I hope to post all about the things I've been up to as soon as I can :)

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