Saturday, October 12, 2013

QT, Sydney

You know I love reviewing great food, great venues and great hotels are no different! I stayed a night at QT Sydney, something I'd been dying to do since they opened sometime ago. Let me tell you, it was amazing!

The rooms aren't huge, but the attention to detail, decor, styling and vibe is just uber cool. I loved the cute furniture, and the ambience is made to feel like your home rather than a hotel room. Everything feels comfy, but highly stylish at the same time.

See, look at that uber comfy bed with the copious fluffy pillows! And the cute fur rug/blanket on top was a nice touch.

Now lets not forget a great selection for the mini bar - with cocktail shaker and martini glasses! Points for attention to detail.

Excuse the blurry photo, but did I mention that was only the start of the mini bar? The photo above just shows how many amenities and offerings they had in the room! I didn't even get the chance to check it all out but there were cute and useful notepads and novelty items. Plus a Nespresso machine for coffee lovers.

Just like Crown Metropol, one of my favourite hotels in Melbourne, the open bathroom scheme is in play here. Though that definitely is the new cool thing with hotel rooms which is of course partially because these smaller hotel rooms benefit from the airy open plan feel of such bathroom setups. Anyway, I still thought the lighting/display was a nice touch and added mood lighting. Can you see the bathtub behind?

And finally, a proper pic of the bathtub, complete with his and hers robes. Love!

Given it is a boutique hotel, it actually isn't as expensive as other high end chain hotels in Sydney so if you get the chance to book it at a discount, I would definitely recommend it!


  1. Oh my... how much is that.. off to check website! I'm booked into The Darling but now I want to stay here.

    1. I know Qantas FF regularly has $249 deals, and I doubt thats the cheapest. To be honest I didn't pay so I don't remember the exact price but definitely cheaper than other places like the Hilton, and The Darling from my last check is uber expensive! But don't you stay at the Darling because its close to work? This is close to EVERYTHING though (i.e. shopping haha). Actually from certain windows I could practically see my desk from QT haha