Sunday, May 19, 2013

Priceline 40% off Haul

Apologies for my tardiness with posting this - a few weeks back Prieline had 40% off all make up/cosmetics. I really didn't need anything but I went to take a look because I needed some retail therapy and got a few items I had actually been wanting (though didn't need).

Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner
I have 2 other liquid eyeliners - a Sephora one which I bought cheaply and had started using almost weekly, and a Dior one which is amazing but annoyingly time consuming to apply so not great for working day wear. So I thought I might as well stock up on a cheapie liquid eyeliner for those occasions I just want to fineline for going to work (which is quite a lot recently!). It came down to $6 or so I think so I wasn't expecting much, and it does an OK job.

Rimmel Lipstick
I just wanted a fun punchy lipstick so bought this one again for $6. I actually haven't tried it yet because my lips have been uber dry but will report back once I have!

I went to another store and got a few other items
Models Prefer falsies was just because at the cheapo price they are, I thought it would be useful to have in case I ever wanted falsies for an evening look.

Essence eyebrow pencil was again because I haven't got an eyebrow pencil and at $3, it was a worthwhile investment I think!

Garnier Sensitive Skin BB Cream
So I'd read amazing things about this BB Cream and even though I already have enough Foundation/Tinted Moisturisers to last me a decade, I thought this was my perfect chance to try it as it came down to only $14 I think from memory. I also realised the sensitive skin option (50ml) was the same price as the normal option (30ml) so of course went sensitive skin, seeing as that is also the best description for my skin type. I've been using it fairly regularly recently and while the coverage is a little too light for me I like the feeling on my skin and how natural it looks. SPF is always a plus also! I think the reason why I think coverage isn't so good is because I'm comparing to my workable MUFE Face & Body Foundation which I can layer to a coverage necessary for whatever blemishes I have at any given time.

Revlon Photoready Skinlights
This was more money than I really wanted to spend, but I've been looking for an illuminator that wasn't going to set me back big bucks seeing as I would barely use it. This is known to be a good dupe for Benefit High Beam in the pink light tone, but I ended up getting the bare light tone as it is more natural on my more tanned skin. I'm liking it so far though it is indeed very subtle and was quite pricey ($18 from memory)

Did you stock up at Priceline?

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