Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nail Polish Pro store

I'd been meaning to go to the ProNail Supply store for aaages as I've been fast running dry of my all time holy grail top coat Seche Vite. The last time I bought this was when I did a mass order online with some friends from the US from 8ty8beauty to save on postage costs, but I really don't need anymore nailpolish, just seche vite. You wouldn't believe it either but when I was in the US I could not find it anywhere, and despite my searching both on the internet and in stores everywhere (even in NYC!) its quite difficult to find.

Anyway, I made a trip to the store in Sydney because I had heard they stocked it. The place is amazing for any nailpolish fiend. Not only is it cheap considering you don't have to pay postage, the range is pretty good for an Australian store. It will never live up to the US online distributors who literally have hundreds of shades but its not bad for a store that I can just walk into at any time!

They had all the major brands - China Glaze ($6 a bottle), OPI ($8), Essie ($6 from memory), Seche ($6) and a few other bits and pieces too. To be honest, I don't think OPI is worth it at $8, but the others are definitely worth it. They have a plethora of other nail supplies that you can buy in bulk too if you're wanting buffers, gels, acrylics etc.
More random tidbits
The main thing for me was that they had my Seche Vite! Woot! Now I don't have to be using the dregs of my old bottle which has now turned tinted pinkish/red from my overuse. Can you see the bottle on the left in the pic below is tinted?

I also bought a pink tone from China Glaze - then went home and realised I totally have too many pink tones anyway!

What's your holy grail nail polish colour or brand?

ProNail Supply
9 Greenfield Parade


  1. I cannot live with out Butter London's Hardwear PD Quick Topcoat. I like how it dries the nail laquer quickly as well as adding a shiny top coat. No more crease marks from my sheets!

    Colour wise, I love bright tangerine shades, nudes and greys.

    1. Like your colour choices - tangerine is perfect for this time of year! And I love how your holy grail top coat doesn't get crease marks from your sheets! That's what I hate too and seche vite is perfect for that. But Butter gets good reviews too

  2. Never enough pink tones girl!
    Also I have yet to try seche vite. Can you believe it? I'm using el cheapo one from CUTEX. Yes CUTEX.

    I have heard of this shop though. Such restraint just buying that!

    1. Is the cutex any good? I use their nailpolish remover but can't say I remember what their polish is like (I swear when I was a kid its what my mum let me use!)

      Let me know if you ever want anything from this shop and I can send some goodies your way ;)

    2. Thanks for that offer, that's so nice! There is an equivalent in Melbourne and I have been meaning to make that trek to the west side. :) It's a warehouse that sells to the public. I also have a lot of polishes and my nails are not looking great so I am on a ban. Hhehe

      Cutex is like an oldie. It's about $3 or $4 I cannot remember! LOL

  3. i've tried to hold myself from coming to this store cos i've gone OTT with all the polishes!

    BUT just curious.... any nice colours that would tempt me to make a stop? Hehe

    1. To be honest, I was also trying to hold back myself so didn't look at anything but the pinks and seches! They did have the OPI bond/skyfall colours though, but from my quick glimpse they weren't stocking any of the amazing holograms/glitters from china glaze.

  4. I wish there is a store like that in Perth. I always have to resort to TransDesign or 8ty8beauty or one of these stores n the postage is astronomical! My fave nail brands are Essie ( love the fact the chemical smell is not as strong) and Chanel ( love love the shades)