Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life in Photos: January 2013

I already feel like the year is zooming past and its only Day 13! I'm already thinking of things happening in March, planning my holiday in June and then before I know it I can just tell it will be Winter again.

Anyway, on the topic of seasons, how crazy has Sydney weather been lately? There was that scorcher of a day on Tuesday and this was the temperature in the car at 6.30pm at night! Not to mention the weirdness for me that this time last year, I was living through 40 F weather and now a year-on I'm living through 40 C.

So of course I did what anyone would do - go to the beach at night! I live right near a few beaches which are in walking distance so I went to my favourite. It's suddenly been 'discovered' by people all across Sydney so it was packed! At 7pm at night! Insane. But it will still be one of my all time favourite Sydney spots. I'm not telling you where it is because I want to keep it my little secret to avoid more people overcrowding it!

On the same day there was this beautiful sunset...magnificent.

And who's had a chance to go and see the giant duck? I'm dying to see it up close...will have to find time in the next few weeks! In the meantime, this is the view of it from the firestairs at my work. There are actually windows closer by that would get a good shot of it, but I didn't want to look like that weirdo taking photos from around different parts of my office. It is so adorably cute!

How is everyone recovering from the festive season and the daily grind of having to be back at work? I'm sure not enjoying it - I want holidays again! Le sigh.


  1. Ohh you're so lucky to live near the beach. I'm incredibly jealous!

    I definitely agree with you about this year flying by, sometimes you can feel it when a year is going to whiz past and this is definitely one of them.

    1. Yeah I know I"m lucky, but its so easy to take it for granted. It wasn't until I moved overseas did I realise how lucky I am!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. I had such an awesome weekend and then my partner got home last night (he works away), that I couldn't NOT be in a good mood today at work even though I had such a shockingly sucky week last week.

    Hope your work week is as lovely as can be - I'd love to work with a view!