Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Melbourne Whirlwind

Last weekend I took a whirlwind trip to Melbourne which was meant to be a chillout weekend of food, shopping and relaxation! We ended up enjoying ourselves doing just that, eating some great food (which I will post about another time) and not going crazy with the shopping but buying some on sale items which I needed anyway.

The weather was surprisingly beautiful - not as cold as I thought, or maybe I'm just used to the cold now. Here are a few of my quick snaps! Apologies for the lack of good quality photos in general lately, I've only just received my repaired camera and I'm now babying it in case of further damage. My old camera must be loving all the attention its getting though!

Wandering around Fed Square...

A trip to Melbourne isn't complete without a stop by Crown Casino and watching the hourly fire displays on the river.

Friends in Melbourne have access to the famed Eureka Tower and showed me around a bit - isn't this lap pool just amazing? And the view from the balcony is stunning too! I visited at night so didn't get to take a good photo of the view but trust me, its amazing.

And I stopped by Koko Black and brought home a box of 6 chocolates. Yum yum! My favourites were the passionfruit and Raspberry :) I love fruity flavours!

And finally, anyone who knows food in Melbourne would probably have visited this laneway at some point... I always love taking photos there and when I was there a group photography class was standing by taking snaps.


  1. Ooh yey Melbourne!

    KoKo black is amazing!! Glad you had fun! X

  2. Melbourne is the best! There's a little chocolate shop that sells handmade chocolates like them for $2 each.
    I am a tight ar$e. LOL