Saturday, July 28, 2012

#16: Smythson + Louboutin

Though my year of the Ultimate Shoe Subscription ended earlier this year (*sob* so sad it's over!), I had returned quite a few things along the way that turned out to be completely not my style and so I've had some extra credit left over I've been trying to use.

I've tried to be really careful in the last few items I buy because I'm at the point where I have my 'must buy' items and now the items must be amazing for me to order them. Anyway, I made this order recently and am quite in love! <3

I've always loved Smythson, as you might remember me posting about them before, and so when I saw this beautiful card case on sale during their half-yearly sale I just had to order it. It's my one pop colour piece of Smythson :)

Aaaand you know I love Christian Louboutin and when I saw these Chiarana 100s they were a must buy also! These are just like the classic Helmuts (but a new reincarnation of it) and they're not even in store in Australia yet :)

You can only just see it but at the back of the heel there is a 'heel grip' elastic in built. This is definitely a new thing for Louboutin and is absolutely GENIUS! I love it! It's perfect for me because I often find shoes slip from the back of my foot as I have quite narrow skinny ankles so this keeps my foot firmly in place and means when they stretch I can still wear them!

Now I've actually returned these for a half size smaller - I also have skinny feet in general so while these fit me and are comfortable, I think I need the half size down to be a more snug fit seeing as it's got the open cut side.

I know my collection is growing a little too fast and I should branch out but I just love the classic sexy styles Louboutin churns out season after season and his designs fit my aesthetic and style perfectly. 

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  1. Those CL are truly sexy! X