Friday, July 13, 2012

Customer Service

I've been reading on more and more frequently on forums and blog posts that people are always experiencing bad customer service. So you can imagine the pleasant surprise I had when I saw this email in my inbox from the awesome guys at net-a-porter after my recent purchase:

I didn't even contact them and the box hasn't even been delivered yet so I will wait and see what condition it is in. I did make a complaint a while back that I wasn't happy with how the boxes were being packed (things could have fallen out had my boxes been shoved around a bit) and got a friendly response which didn't really do anything seeing as every box since has been packed the same way. Perhaps this is a continuation of that, but in any case I think its nice of them to tell me beforehand and offer me a little surprise gift.

I have to admit, I'm a pretty picky customer so if the box is in terrible condition I probably would have complained (I like to keep my boxes in pristine condition) but its nice to have that pre-empted for once!

I will post again with photos etc of my goodies as soon as they arrive!

P.S I have an admission: I have made a few orders since but been a bit slack with posting oops! I will post soon though I promise, when things in my life calm down a bit :)


  1. oh how nice of them! maybe they were continuing on from your previous complaint? either way, a store credit for a dodgy box is alright!

    1. I thought it was nice of them indeed! The dodgy box turned out to be pretty well fixed too (all taped up and only a little banged up)!

  2. I too complained to them about this recently when asked for my feedback. I have had two shoe boxes arrived damaged and taped up but was not offered any compensation for this. Nice to see they have introduced it.