Wednesday, July 11, 2012

H&M + Australia = Yay!

A quick post to say how excited I am that H&M have finally confirmed they will be opening in Australia!

Three words for you - about bloody time! As I've posted before, Australia's been long playing catch up on the international market, yet proof in sales figures show the Australian market is longing for these kinds of stores (Australia often ranks in the top 5 countries for sales on websites like ASOS).

Anyway, it has been confirmed today that they are opening in Melbourne, which has been on the ragtrade gossip columns for literally months now (maybe even years?). Now I won't go into the whole Melbourne v Sydney thing for launching brands - I could go on for days and have lots of theories and thoughts about it - but I will say one excited as I am I'm also a bit wary.

You see, H&M has always been the one shop I try and visit everywhere I go overseas. The prices are always fairly consistent and the product offerrings always differ from country to country, shop to shop making it all the more exciting. Their sales strategy is clever but also rewards those who frequently visit their stores which just makes me love it even more! So why am I wary? Yet with everything, I'm wary of the prices and range we'll get here. They love to jack up the prices as soon as they land on Australian stores. OK so fine, freight is expensive and we don't have the population, but the price differentials are often astronomical compared to overseas! Not to mention the dodgy leftover stock they usually lump us with.

I'm glad I really only buy basics from H&M because it will be a little sad to see every second person on the street wearing H&M once it hits our shores! But I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens but I'm happy to say, Australia is moving in the right direction on the shopping front :)


  1. They are definitely moving in the right direction! :D I also hope it wont be heaps more expensive. But then again, the only h&m's i went to were in America and I considered it to be sorta similar to Cotton On in terms of clothing quality etc... so how much more expensive could they possibly make it. lol

    1. Hmm I think the styles/designs are better than Cotton On but I may be biased because I love that H&M is a perfect fit for me - I know I can go in and buy things without trying them on! But yes hopefully they dont' make it too much more expensive than overseas! They have awesome sales overseas too so I'm hoping that happens here ;)