Friday, July 6, 2012

Hair Styler - found!

So you might remember I posted here about looking for a hair styler/curler.  I actually did a bit of research and wrote up a list of highly recommended appliances which are currently on sale at Target, Kmart and Big W. I've found with these kinds of items it pays to look around and with the End of Financial Year sales happening at the moment every one of those cheaper retailers had great offers. search didn't take me far because even before I'd made it to any of the places above, I stumbled across a great deal while shopping at Myer in Melbourne!

This styling set was only $30 (half price from $60) and was apparently flying off the shelves.

By this point, I'd already decided I wanted to buy a straightener with thin plates so that I could use it multipurpose as a straightener and curler. And while I don't need a new hairdryer at the moment (and actually, if I did I probably would buy a more expensive one), I would be paying at least $30 for a decent hair straightener anyway so at least I get more bang for my buck! Sometimes extra hair dryers can be useful for things like drying nailpolish and clothes anyway.

Now I do admit its a cheapie and the product is heavily reduced because its quite old (I suspect 2 years old), however I am so bad with hair appliances I knew it wasn't worth paying any good money for a hair straightener/curler that I would barely use. I want to use it to get some practice in using it as a curler before I decide if its worth investing the big bucks on the more expensive tourmaline straighteners. 

And the beauty of this thing is that it's also multi voltage so I can take it travelling if I one day find myself being one of those people who can't do without it on holiday!

So onto the more important question, did it work? I'm pleased to say triumphantly that my first time ever using a straightener to curl, I managed to have great success! I need some more practice to get the curls all consistent, but the first curl I tried formed a nice medium sized curl which stayed bouncy for 2 hours even though I brushed it out a bit. I'll have to see the staying power with hair spray. Apologies for the terrible iphone pictures - but here's an idea. You can just see the curl on the far left (that was after my first strand).

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