Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life in Photos: July 2012

I like to hibernate during Winter which is actually lots of fun - think staying in and reading books, blogs, doing early 'spring cleaning' and catching up on trashy TV! So not much exciting happenings to photograph...but don't think that stops me at all! My iPhone camera roll is actually fast running out of iCloud backup space eek!

Lunch stop at Charlie & Co to enjoy their wonderful wagyu burgers and truffle fries. I'm a huge fan of the North group and am really saddened by the closure of so many of their amazing restaurants (which incidentally were also some of my Sydney faves). I'm going to have find some new Sydney favourites!

I was excited to see this come through the mail - my Premier Silver membership with United! People like to knock them, but I actually had pretty decent service from them and their Premium Economy is really not so bad.

Surprise cupcakes from Cupcakes on Pitt from a friend! They look so delectable, right?

Have you had a chance to try Cadbury's answer to M&Ms and Smarties? They're actually not too bad...though maybe its because I got all these sample packs for free when I was in Melbourne?

Nails of the day a few weeks ago - OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. I went overboard with my layers (I hate streakiness so went for 3 coats) and it ended up looking more black than plum. But I like how it matches with my hot pink bracelet from Santorini which I posted about a few posts back from memory.

And for something a little random - my friend knew I like buying these fancy random costume items and so helped me order one of these beautiful lace masks. It's very boudoir evening seductress but when it retails for $100s here, the under 20 euros it cost is practically bargain! And it's quite dainty and beautiful when worn.

Now that July is almost over, who else is practically dying for the warmer weather to come round? I know I am! I haven't had a proper Summer in 1.5 years!


  1. Hehe I am actually snacking on mini drops whilst reading your blog! I really like them :)

    1. If this was facebook, I would like your comment! :) They're really quite tasty aren't they?