Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Topshop Sydney!

This week Topshop finally announced that their Sydney store will open in October in the famed Gowings building on George Street. Now this has certainly been a long time coming (I recall I posted about this a while back) seeing as Melbourne has had a store for a while!

I'm not a huge fan of Topshop, but it is exciting that the big chains are slowly dripfeeding us here in isolated Oz! I find Topshop price points a little steep for some items...for example this:

Adorable, right? But at full price of 48 pounds, not exactly cheap considering the quality isn't amazing. Nonetheless, I'll be interested to see what the price points will be like. Much like when Zara hit our shores the big question on everyone's lips was, how much will things cost? Will it still be rip off Australian prices?

We'll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, I have on good authority that a major American youth brand will be opening in 2013! I'm waiting to hear from my source more about where they're going to open, but it is a definite so I'll post when I know more ;)


  1. ooooh i like this idea of an american youth store opening soon! i do love all american stores hehe.

    i think topshop is a riiiiiiiiiiip offfff!! majorly. i went to the chapel street store with some friends from qld who were dying to check it out but for the style and quality of the clothes it was overpriced. sigh.

    1. I'll post about the chain store when I hear more info ;)

      And yes Topshop is such a ripoff! I'm waiting to see what the sales are like in Topshop when it hits, because that is the sign of a good chain store in my opinion! But your'e right, the quality is terrible for the price, even in the UK!

  2. EEEK!! Topshop in Sydney. Agreed on it being overpriced but I honestly do not care because I just loved the variety they had and all their fun accessories. :D