Monday, June 25, 2012

Pierre Herme 'Macarons'

If you couldn't already tell from my many mentions of macarons, I absolutely love Pierre Herme creations, especially his beautiful macarons. Whenever I'm in Paris, I just have to eat them everyday and this time I even indulged in London before heading home.

Anyway, his famous cookbook 'Macaron' is notoriously hard to get, being published only in French and Japanese in limited printruns. Well I was shocked to find out just recently that last November he finally released an English version! Yay!

Several years back I got my hot little hands on a French copy, but now I've added an English copy to my heaving bookshelf. Perhaps it is time I use the translation copy to help learn some French?

French and English copy side by side

So do any of you speak French and would you be brave enough to cook a French recipe? Can you believe I started trying to translate my French copy when I first got it (clearly I gave up soon after seeing as I never got very far with that).

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