Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life in Photos: June 2012

It's been a while since I've done one of these 'Life in Photos' snapshots so now is a perfect time to return to them! I love doing these kinds of posts because my iPhone snaps wirelessly sync with my Macbook and I can immediately post about this stuff without any hassle of connecting all my pieces of technology together. Plus, with my new cameras out of action (more on that another time), I'm back to using my old IXUS which is nowhere near as fun. Actually, my old IXUS is in great shape and still a fabulous camera given it is 7 years old - it has full manual functions and great video recording - but of course technology has progressed so much since then.

Anyway, I digress. Onto photos! =)

I spent a lot of time around Darling Harbour in my first few weeks back so of course stopped by Vivid a few times for a look. It was a nice change from the usual as I hardly ever venture to the touristy waterside areas unless I'm going to eat (which in these cases, I was) despite thinking to myself I should spend more time enjoying the beautiful harbourside walks.

 I <3 the MCA so of course this was an obligatory stop for my viewing of the Vivid displays.

And again, some more of my favourite Sydney places. A view over Cruise Bar which I love, and the Sydney Opera House as centrepiece of the Sydney skyline.

Onto some food - some of the people I work with decided to take a visit to a place near Central which sells these giant sandwiches for a mere $12. This shot unfortunately doesn't quite show the enormity of this sandwich which was the size of a football when wrapped up.

If I haven't already mentioned it, I love Pinkberry which as deprived Australians we of course don't get the privilege of enjoying. Never fear, there are the nasty imitations such as the one I had below from yoghurtberry. OK so I exaggerate, not really nasty at all and actually quite tasty, but no comparison to my favourite Pinkberry *sob*. The serving size was huge though!

For something a bit fancier, I went for dinner at one of my faves - Rockpool bar&grill. I go to the bar side which serves the same menu as the main dining area in a more laidback bar seating area. Their desserts are amazing as well - not unique or creative but just perfectly executed traditional favourites. And what's not to love about that? Profiteroles with ice cream were the choice of the night this time!

Last weekend (the long weekend) I stopped by Bills for my first taste of ricotta hotcakes in a really really long time. So then I had to stop by Messina for my favourite passionfruit gelato which I haven't had for some 6 months! I've been frequenting Messina for 3+ years as one of their early fans (pre-hype, I like to say) and yet I have never bought a take home pack...until now! And it's such good value :)

And finally, something a bit random. I went to Coles and couldn't resist paying just $2 for 6 large cinnamon donuts. They were a little doughy for my liking, but hey, 2 bucks!

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  1. yummm i love those bags of cinnamon donuts from coles! although nothing beats those from donut king!
    ahh pinkberry! i had some of that when i was in america *sigh* theres actually a really similar store in chadstone (melbourne) called..umm...damn i forgot hahaha it starts with z and sounds like zoo or something! i always pop by whenever im at chaddy! :)