Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hair Appliances

So for the longest time I've always wanted beautiful wavy hair - I'm one of those people who get comments all the time of "Oh I wish I had your straight hair" but you always want what you can't have, right? I'm actually unlucky also in that I neither have dead straight hair or wavy hair, it's kind of this in between natural wavy straight if that makes sense.

Anyway, I went to my hairdresser the other day for a long overdue haircut and with my new slightly different cut she suggested using a curler occasionally to get the wave and body I so desperately want in my hair. That of course means I'm on the market for a hair curler! Now of course if I hadn't been so busy while in the US I would've had more time to buy one there and would have bought one from Hot Tools, which gets rave reviews worldwide and is a favourite of Kim Kardashian! There are a few other things I'm kicking myself for not buying in the US but I already had so much to ship home that it was probably a good thing ;)

Look at all the Hot Tools curling irons on offer - and these are just the 'professional' ones!
So I have looked online and been trying to scope out the best deal - I'm nothing if not a good bargain hunter. Conair (sold under the VS Vidal Sassoon brand in Australia) is pretty affordable and gets good reviews too and I also stumbled across their website that has some cool how-to videos and a 'hair styling wizard' which helps pick some great tools based on your needs, skill level (beginner here!) and hair type. Now I'm not being paid by VS to say this at all, but I thought it was pretty funky and worth sharing :)

And then once you go through the wizard the How To videos come up - I've already watched a few to get an idea of which curling iron type I might want to use - and then a list of all the different tools so you can compare them side by side. Check out their website for a bit of fun!

I'm going to do some more research but would love suggestions if you have any! I am just looking for an affordable option for now seeing as my hair is also stubborn and tends not to take to curling irons well so I definitely want to try a cheaper one first and then upgrade later once I've gained more skills also. What is your favourite curling iron/tool?


  1. I am the worse for hair styling products. But is straight hair still in or out (said in Heidi Klum manner ala Project Runway).

    Jacket was from Temt ;) $40!

    BTW you have captcha!!!

    1. Yeah I can't work out whether straight or waves have returned to the forefront of fashionable! Good bargain on the jacket :)

      And thanks for reminding me about captcha, I had it activated when I was getting lots of spam commenters! Now removed though ;)

  2. ive tried the vidal sassoon ones and they barely even put a kink in my hair :(
    if you still wanted a hot tools one i bought one from the us but realised i cant use it in aus because of the different voltage - im assuming you have a transformed to use it with?
    if youre interested in buying it ill sell it fairly cheap :) just email me at

    1. I've just bought a VS one to try out but if it doesn't work I'll let you know if I still want the Hot Tools one, thanks! :)