Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Books Books Books

Finding the time to read is a bit of a luxury for me in my busy life, but when I was travelling there were quite a few long travel days when I would spend hours on a bus. I also spent a few luxurious days sitting by the pool or on beautiful beaches (hello, Greece!) so I found myself finally finding some time to read.

And can you believe in 2 months travelling, I managed to read 4 novels plus loads of time reading trashy magazines and keeping myself updated on Flipboard on the iPad! Now, 4 novels might not sound a lot but when I barely find time to read one book every few months that was quite a rare luxury!

These are the (ahem...trashy) books I read:
The original novel on which the TV show is based - Belle De Jour. Not a bad book...but the TV shows are almost better because more happens?

The prequel to the famous Sex and The City TV series - Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell. I was excited to read this because this is soon to become a TV series (replacement for Gossip Girl, anyone?)

Now I'm a huge fan of Lauren Conrad and turns out I had forgotten that I'd read this book before. But seeing as I couldn't remember what happened I read it less than one day! Only for true lovers of her many reality TV series :)

Now I had to add a 'serious' book in the mix - this divisive book has caused controversy so I suppose is a book I would suggest is read with an open mind. I loved it, and am in the midst of flipping through it again quickly to take down the quotable quotes which I just loved and rung so true. I got so into this book I read it practically in one sitting on a long bus ride (stopping only for lunch and rest breaks) as it is humorously written in an easy storytelling style.

The great thing about all my reading was that I got really into e-books on my iPad, meaning that I ditched the one hardcopy book I had brought with me in favour for a plethora of online books all at my disposal! When I don't get 'into' a book I'll just swap to another and it was so easy to just download more books as and when I needed them.

So now that I've read through all those books, I need some new reading recommendations! You might be able to tell I love my easy read novels but anything and everything is open to suggestion. Do you like to read in your spare time?


  1. I like reading but like you, find it hard to find the time!! Really really am into the song of fire and ice series... took me by complete surprise! Have read 4 of the books this year!!

    Please consider putting some posts with some us travel tips esp new york! Love your blog (from vf!)

    Am tempted to read belle du juors book!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love when voguettes stop by, you guys are my favourite kind of reader ;)

      I'm going to google your book rec right now, it must be good if you've read so many already! And I'll try my best to write travel tips, though I've never really thought anyone would want to read them =o I'll definitely post at least some pics/stories of where I've been though :)

  2. Need to know..what's the Belle book like?

    1. The Belle book is uber trashy and not particularly well written so I found it a little on the boring side, but an easy read requiring no brain cells! The TV series is much better :)