Thursday, February 9, 2012

US: Make Up Shopping!

So I've been naughty and done more make-up shopping despite not needing anymore! I just couldn't help myself at the fantastic US prices, plus these were things I've actually been wanting to buy for a while so it was justified.

I hit up Sephora a few weeks ago on a rainy Saturday when shopping was the only thing worth leaving the house for.

I went to the NARS counter looking for the infamous 'Orgasm' blush, or any other natural looking shade and she suggested Gaiety a new shade that has been released for Spring. Let me tell you, it looks ridiculously candy pink and Barbie like in pan but it is AMAZING on. I'm going to buy it this weekend hopefully so I'll post when I do get my paws on that but for now, you'll have to settle for my Sephora purchases.

I only purchased two items with the third being a free sample that I'm really happy with! The concealer brush was just something I needed to buy (I've been just making do with my crappy brushes for now), but the main item was of course...

Nars Orgasm/Laguna Duo - exclusive to Sephora! At US$41 it is such a bargain compared to buying each item separately (the blush alone is $29) especially when one item in Australia costs $50! Yes, we continue to get ripped off. 

I love the contouring that can be done with Orgasm and Laguna for everyday wear so I'm excited to finally have my hands on one of the most loved items in the make up world.

Then the freebie sample was a sample sized duo of Fresh lip balm in clear and rose tinted. I had never heard of Fresh before but they've been around for a while and their lip balms retail for $20+ each! I know this is sample sized, but these are a really great way to try it. I love the zingy freshness of the balm which is ultra moisturising without feeling sticky or oily. And the rose tinted hue is perfect for a little bit of colour!

Who else loves make-up shopping in the middle of Winter?

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