Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#14: Sale haul!

This is so delayed but I've been busy with lots of exciting things here in the US! Anyway, the sale is already over on the NAP International site and only now am I posting some of the awesome things I bought. I actually ended up returning some of the items because they weren't quite I wanted which meant I saved myself some $$$ for my Karl haul :) More on that later!

#1: Jimmy Choo thigh high boots
So I was so disappointed by the leather of these :( They were uber cheap (I think like 300 something pounds from 800?) but the leather wasn't soft and wearable like I expect and usually see from Choo so I ended up returning these. But never fear, I have since bought some pretty funky thigh highs here in the US!

And so then the other 3 items I bought were cutely wrapped all individually - look!

#2: Eugenia Kim earmuffs
Oh em gee! These are soooo cute and amazingly practical because they fold inwards. Since arriving here in the US I realise that's only something you can get in the more expensive ones and though these weren't cheap, they were definitely worth the money for fashion, fun and warmth! My friend in NYC actually emailed me about these saying she thought I would love them and she must be a mind reader because I had already bought these!

#3: Marc by Marc Jacobs belt
This was a little bit of a last minute add on to my shopping basket - I've been needing a new waist belt and this seemed easy and a cute summer colour. Adjustable too!

#4: J Crew dress
So this didn't turn out to be the fabric I imagined so I ended up returning it but this was only 30 or 40 pounds I believe! Sorry for the terrible crumpled pic, but that's how it arrived and I promptly wrapped it up again to return it.

And finally....

#5: Burberry rain boots - pair #2!
So I already have a black pair but these were sooo cheap (50 pounds!) and a girl can't have too many pairs of rain boots right?

What do you think of these - all practical buys?

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  1. Can't have enough rain boots in all this weather we've been having!!!