Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Toys...again!

A few weeks ago I got my paws on some new technology....a new Canon camera! My sister wanted to upgrade her camera so I agreed to give her my old Powershot S95 (which incidentally I love, and still perhaps love more than this new camera) and bought myself the upgrade: the new S100.

I can't say I like the new upgrade as much as my old one but mainly because I am so used to all the features and had all my custom settings configured but there are a few things I love including the vignette or 'toy camera' setting and the new quick record video function.

Old and new!
I know I attached this to the post below but this is the vignette function I'm talking about - the toy camera instagram like framing! <3 And of course I'm loving my Nars. I took the plunge and bought Gaiety on the weekend as well and I love that even more...I think I'm addicted!

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